Possible Funding

Within the University Paris-Dauphine, the costs linked to the VAE are of two types, whatever the results of the jury deliberation:

  • The amount of the admissibility of the application is 50 Euros.
  • The fixed amount of the procedure is 1 000 Euros plus 1 000 additional Euros if you choose optional accompanying supervision to draw up the validation file.

In case of taking charge by the Fongecif, the fees differ.

Financial institutions targeted according to your situation.

You can ask the financial institutions you rely on, to assume responsibility for the costs generated by your VAE application. You can also ask them to assist the setting up of the VAE leave which is legally provided for and for the potential remuneration conditions.

For more information, download the funding table (In french).

In the case of partial validation of the diploma, additional training is necessary for the obtention of the targeted diploma. The cost generated by this possible resumption of studies will be added to that of the VAE costs. In this case, the funding opportunities can be considered to assume responsibility for these educational fees.