Applying for a VAE

The VAE candidate should be able to show the validation jury the proof concerning knowledge and the aptitudes required for the obtention of all or part of the diploma requested..

The candidate will do so through a comprehensive file tracing work experience and an interview with the validation jury. He will be accompanied by a tutor-expert in his work of constitution of files and the elaboration of necessary proof for the jury to validate work experience.

The candidates must follow a six-step procedure in order to claim a VAE; please check the following details:

1 - Reception information

The VAE Office is at your service to

  • Welcome you
  • Inform you
  • Direct you
  • Inform you about the VAE steps to take.
  • Show you how to finance and how to mount your file.

2 - Consulting directly

You complete a project form

At the reception desk, the VAE office will analyze the demand and decide on the administrative admissibility and the educational feasibility of your demand.

Download the CERFA 12818*02 form "Demande de recevabilité à la validation des acquis de l'expérience".

Download the guidelines 51260#02 for the "demande de recevabilité à la validation des acquis de l'expérience".

Your demand receives a favorable reply

You accept the procedure by signing a contract. Supervision may be suggested in the form of individual interviews or collective workshops.

University enrolment must also be done in simultaneously

Your demand receives an unfavorable reply

Your advisor will help you as much as possible to find a solution adapted to your project.

Under your responsibilty, you can also choose to pursue your demand.

3 - Accompanying the VAE

You can benefit from methodological and pedagogical supervision to build your VAE file and the presentation in front of a jury.


  • To help you to look for relevant evidence.
  • To help you to describe precisely and to formalize your experience.
  • To help you to link your experience and the course contents.
  • To help you to identify your knowledge and your skills.
  • To prepare you for the interview with the jury.

4 - Interview with the validation jury

You will exchange with the jury during an interview of about 30 minutes based on your file. This is your opportunity to recall your path, your project and to highlight the link between your work experience and the diploma targeted.

5 - Decision of validation

The three-fold decision

  • Total validation : the jury decides to deliver the diploma in tis entirety
  • Partial validation : the jury decides to partially validate the diploma and issues regulations (restart studies, working situation, ...) in view of obtaining a diploma
  • Refusal of validation

This decision is notified in writing by the President of the University. On reception, the REVAE office sends a copy to your domicile.

6 - Oversight of the regulations

In the case of partial validation, an interview with a counsellor is proposed to organize administrative and pedagogical oversight for your restart studies.

Calendar :

We examine requests throughout the year.
However the VAE juries generally take place at the end of June-beginning of July, so please note :

  • the drafting of Booklet 2 or the VAE file should be filled in by 20th April at the latest.
  • the Admissibility Booklet should reach us before the end of March and the Pre-orientation file in February at the latest.

A VAE procedure with accompanying assistance requires more time and generally it is preferable to allow for more time than indicated.

We will not be held responsible for:

  • the time spent setting up the funding plan
  • the duration of the admissibility and feasiblility examination by the referent teacher for the validation of academic experience applied for


Procedure of validation of academic experience