Coordinating Intra-Company Programs

For each project, we establish a dedicated team consisting of :

  • Program Director, who is systematically an associate professor acknowledged by our institutions,
  • Referencing External Expert Practitionerfor each large module,
  • An assistant dedicated to this program and who is in charge of all the administrative and logistic aspects.

We rely on :

  • A system of meetings and a steering committee to ensure the proper functioning of the program. Special attention will be paid to the conception phases and assessment.
  • A system of articulated evaluation aroud 3 evaluation methods :
    • 1. A group assessment by the principle external expert practitioners,
    • 2. An on-the-spot evaluation by the participants of the module and the teachers, a basic evaluation essentially of close-ended questions,
    • 3. A delayed evaluation of the whole program including coherence aims, together with logistic aspects... This evaluation will be essentially carried out through open-ended questions.

These evaluations will be sent to both the external expert practitioner and the steering committee.

Wih each promotion, it is possible to make changes as much concerning the program as the choice of the external expert practitioner.